A Hotchpotch of Laptops in Bangladesh

A Hotchpotch of Laptops in Bangladesh Laptops are of course one of those unavoidable necessity that keeps you up all night. Not only because you're using it for different purposes but because you're always looking for some better, more efficient laptop. And this hunt can haunt you for longer periods of time if you don't end up on the right place or unable to figure out what laptop to buy. Certain online marketplaces have made things easier. Not only does it save your time but gives you ample knowledge regarding the item you're going to buy. Akhoni.com for example gives you a platform where you can check out the specs of your desired electronic or digital device and then decide for yourself.

No doubt, among the brands that are currently leading the laptop sector, MacBook pretty much aces the list. But this doesn't mean that others are any less workable. Quite the contrary, many people find MacBook not very user-friendly. So, one should not fall for the looks of any laptop, rather be careful in choosing them. Following is a guide to those who are wondering about laptops these days.

Apple MacBook 12-inch Retina
Apple MacBook 12-inch Retina as usual is a classic display of Apple's obsessions with slimness and smartness. It is a compact laptop and a very light weight. So, if you hate to carry too much weight and you can pay up to expensive prices, then this is definitely your deal. Usually Apple products are blamed not to be ergonomic but this appears to be defying this image.

Samsung Ativ Book 9
Samsung Ativ Book 9 despite all other plus points fades away because of its short battery life. If you are around the electricity connection then you're totally fine to go ahead and buy it. However, several laptop accessories including genuine laptop batteries can be shopped from online stores in your country such as Kaymu.

Dell venue 10 7000
Dell has always offered something good to its users. Laptops by Dell especially have been a good deal for the customers. Dell venue 10 7000 is out with a stunning view.

Lenovo Think Pad
Lenovo Think Pad has taken the world with a pleasant surprise as it has one of the longest battery timings. Its portable productivity powerhouse have so far won him many hearts and minds. The sound system too, beats many others of its kind.

Acer Chromebook 15
Acer Chromebook 15 is another cutthroat deal, with a 15 inch large screen. It has best in-class performance but a dull display. So, the choice is yours ultimately.

The story of laptops doesn't end here. Once you have the laptop, you need a lot of other objects to complement it. Starting from the laptop covers to suitable laptop bags etc. all needs to be aligned with your product. Webcams, laptop cooling pads and such other things are absolutely important to keep your work running smoothly. Bdstore24 is a good place to buy such accessories from. The ideal place to buy such things is mainly online because the delivery services they offer can save you from a lot of ordeals.

Published on 15 April 2015
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