Basic Care Tips for Your Laptops

Basic Care Tips for Your Laptops Can you stay for a day without your laptop? Definitely not. You need your laptop almost in every works. Such a useful device becomes your best friend and you can't think without that. So you should be careful about your friend also. The following tips are a mixture of common sense and specific information that will help you care for your laptop.

Operate at room temperature
Laptops will form condensation when changing temperature, which can damage it if it is turned on. Your laptop is also sensitive to extreme heat or cold. Hot or cold weather can warp the case, ruin components and damage batteries.

Never get wet
You must keep your laptops out of areas where it may get wet.

Using the power cord
Plug the AC adapter into the wall first and then plug the other end into your laptop.
This prevents damage to the power circuitry. Place power cables where they can't be stepped on or tripped over. Don't force a cord or card in or out of your laptop. Make sure all items are off of the keyboard before closing the lid.

Avoid dust or smoke
Avoid areas with a lot of dust or smoke. Both dust and smoke can damage the laptops. Even you should not smoke while working with laptops.

Use of carrying case
Carry your laptop in the carrying case must when transporting and be sure to zip up your bag. A large number of laptops are damaged by falling out of bags. Make sure the laptop is shut down before putting it in a carrying case, as it will overheat.

Place laptop on a flat hard surface
Laptops can overheat when air can not circulate properly. Setting your laptop on carpet, bedding, couches, etc. can cause it to overheat. Don't place the laptop where it may fall.

Handling of laptops
Handle the laptop with both hands carefully and never handle by the screen. Don't place heavy objects on top of or squeeze the laptop into a tight bag.

Stop eating near your laptop
Refrain from eating or drinking near your laptop.

Not to move your laptop when it is on
Moving the laptop while it is turned on can potentially damage the hard drive. Make sure to shut down or put the laptop to sleep or suspend when moving it.

Clean your laptop regularly
Use only a soft, lint free cloth and if necessary, lightly moisten only with water. Cleaners can damage the screen and other finishes. There are specific cleaners available in market for laptop screens. These are ok to use also. Remember to spray onto the cloth and not onto the screen. Use canned air to blow dust and dirt out keyboards. Use spirit on a cotton swab to clean keys. Remember to spray on to the cloth and not onto the screen. Desktop monitor screens, NOT laptop screens, can be cleaned with a window cleaner.

Plug into a surge protector
Plug into a surge protector whenever possible. Power surges and spikes in power and modem lines are a high cause of damage to computers.

Unplug the modem from the wall when a thunderstorm is approaching. Lightning can zap your phone line as well as the electric lines.

Disallow magnets
Never allow any magnets to be on or near your laptops. It can be instant death for laptops or its accessories.

Do not leave laptop in a car for extended periods of time
Leaving the laptop in a car can expose it to temperature stresses. Intense heat can warp the case or ruin internal components.

Published on 12 April 2015
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